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Wildcraft wellness rooted in eternal Ayurvedic wisdom

Rootine Organics crafts pure, herbal Ayurvedic formulations—a blend of 100% organic plant extracts carefully proportioned to deliver optimum results.

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You can really get to taste the herbs in it. Rootine Organics is wonderful and easy to take. Since it has no artificial flavours in it, one might find it slightly strong or let’s just say the herb taste is distinct! I enjoy this taste even with warm water, but you can always mix it in food or smoothies and the earthy herb taste almost disappears. Because it is an ALL natural & organic product, I am able to make it a part of my daily rootine without giving it a second thought.

Sanjna Yadav
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When it comes to health products, I am extremely picky. I went into details to look at their credibility in this field. And what really impressed me is their 35 years of existence in this business and operating with the highest level of certifications, such as U.S. FDA, which is so rare in this field. This really got me confident about the products.

Bhanu Katoch


Rootine Organics Ayurvedic products are a perfect fusion of tradition and science, delivering tangible results in my overall wellness. The careful selection of natural ingredients and precise dosages have noticeably improved my energy levels, digestion, and mental clarity. I appreciate the brand's commitment to quality and authenticity, making it a staple in my wellness regimen. I am happy to see someone finally making these ancient power herbs and their knowledge accessible to everyone.

Adlina Angelo
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Empowering people with the accessibility, knowledge & efficacy of ancient medicine is exceptional. But along with that Rootine Organics is also elevating healthy lifestyle, with well-researched CLEAN ingredients; while unlocking the power of nature. Exceptional products that are healthier, and safer for daily consumption.

Oana Astanculesei
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